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SKU: 364215375135191

100 m2 module, prefabricated, of ecological residence for a sustainable experience;


Ideal for luxury condominium, inns, and resorts in especial locations, totally equipped and furnished with interior design (furniture + inserted utensils);


Autonomy of the ecologic energy (solar thermic prism and/or hydrogen fuel cells);


Standardized hydraulic installation points with the option of residual water treatment and electric systems of backup;


Manufactured in 90 days | 72 hours for the complete installation, according to the international safety standards of civil construction;


Negotiation modules | acquisition or leasing (financial lease, being fractions equivalents with the lease and with the end of the contract will be possible the transfer of the asset to the lessee.


    #Standard Measure | 72m² (775,002 ft²);

    #Standard Cost | $1.732,61 / m² 

    #Manufacturing programming | 90 a 120 dias;

    #Water | Bioreactor attached for hydric residue treatment option;

    #Energy | Electric energy reserve for thermic solar prisms and/or hydrogen electric generators.

    Note: The cost and manufacturing programming estimates will be confirmed depending on the project


    #Manufacturing programming | 90