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Automated Industrialization 4.0 (AI, Robotics, Internet) applying a methodology in a modular metallic articulated intelligent system, with the following competitive benefits:

  • Fast Schedule | in 2 to 4 months since the conception of the executive project, manufacturing, logistics and complete installation in loco {electric (photovoltaic) and sustainable hydraulic [ETE’s]};

  • Structural Portability | portable eco habitats according to the chosen geolocalization by the customer;

  • Economic Promotion | budget predictability with value matrix in scale and viability through rental or leasing;

  • Regulatory Compliance [ABNT NBR 15575] | standardized processes [ISO 9001 (Excellency of Materials and Processes) and 14000 (Sustainability Stamp)];

  • Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP) treatment and structural conservation procedures;

  • Property Insurance Policy (ASP) provided by affiliated entities.

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