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[Architectural/Design (BIM)+ Engineering/4.0 Industrialization (Off Site) + Assembly/Installation (On Site)]

"Lifetime Integrated Value"

LIV ||| ECO HABITATS is a technological architectural/engineering company for constructive avant-garde solutions, incorporating the CONSTRUCTECH concept to the 4.0 Industrial profile as a prefabrication platform with AI and Robotics towards STORES & HOMES with standardized certificates from labor security and ESG (Ecology, Social and Governance), translated to socio-environmental responsibility.

Portfolio focused on the corporate segment for FRANCHISES and housing for CONDOMINIUMS/RESORTS .

Projects assembled in BIM [Building Information Modeling] software's for construction modeling in virtual reality, transforming with high grade of assertiveness the design conception in physical reality.


Productive Processes with execution methodology by Metallic Structural System in an industrial automatized platform with guarantied components for 10 (ten) years by the manufacturer, for example, steel profiles with galvanized anticorrosive protection or stainless, and thermoacoustic polymer concrete slabs covering with protective mechanical, fire resistant and pest control resistance (termites, fungus and other dangerous pathologies).

Regulatory Compliance from ABNT [NBR (15575)] and standardized program ISO 9001 (Processes and Material Excellency) and to 14000 (Sustainability Stamp).

Pre Sale by a preliminary designation checklist of characteristics in Descriptive Memorial, followed by a Multimedia 3D Design proposition for a Directional Budget consolidation, formatted in an Architecture/Engineering Executive Project, electric blueprint installation included [Lighting/Photovoltaic] and Hydraulics/ECTE's [Compact Stations of Effluents Treatment] for prototype approval and consequent production.


Chronogram 90 (ninety) days average since the planning, manufacturing, logistics and complete installation.

Business Model constructive solution enabled with an installments options by contracts of RENTAL or LEASING.

After Sales promoted by a preventive maintenance plan, ensured by a patrimonial secure policy.

Competitive advantages represented by a *FAST DELIVERY [03 months (since the project conception, automated manufacturing and installation)], *PREFABRICATED PROJECTS [Service as Solution (Unique Technical Equip Off Site)], *STRUCTURAL PORTABILITY [eco habitats portability according to the selected geolocation] and *ECONOMICAL FOMENTATION {CAPEX conversion [Initial Infrastructure Investments (Capital Expenses) in OPEX (Operating Expenses)] with absolute budget and chronological predictability}.


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  • Prefabricated modules combined in 432 m2;

  • Ideal for high luxury and ease projects, totally sustainable with complete interior design (furniture + inserted utensils);

  • Autonomy of the ecologic energy (solar thermic prism and/or hydrogen fuel cells);

  • Standardized hydraulic installation points with the option of residual water treatment and electric systems of backup;

  • Manufactured in 3 to 4 months;

  • Installation occurs in 5 to 10 days according to the international safety standards of civil construction;